A journey with Oli France: Empowering new Perspectives on Resilience, Self-Confidence, and Achieving Bold Goals

Oli France, an expedition leader and adventurer, has spent over a decade navigating the world’s most challenging environments, from deserts to war-torn regions. His adventures are not just about survival; they’re lessons in human resilience and leadership under extreme conditions. Oli’s experiences have made him a sought-after speaker, where he shares insights on developing self-confidence and resilience.

He’s known for guiding teams through high-risk situations globally, demonstrating the importance of effective teamwork in dire circumstances. His talks, resonating across various audiences in the UK and Europe, focus on empowerment and transforming adversity into growth. Oli’s life story is a testament to human endurance and the power of positive perspective in overcoming life’s toughest challenges.


Oli France’s keynotes focus on finding strength in adversity, unlocking inner confidence, and effective leadership in challenging environments. He inspires audiences to see challenges as growth opportunities, offers strategies for tapping into latent self-confidence, and shares practical insights for leading high-functioning teams in high-risk situations. His talks are a blend of motivational storytelling and actionable advice for personal and professional empowerment.

Finding Light in the Darkest Places

Oli has faced countless bleak situations while operating in high-risk environments across the globe. What he has learned however is we each hold the power to uncover the light in even the darkest places.

Oli’s message is that everything is a matter of perspective, and we can learn to control it. Audiences will feel empowered to not just cope with difficult situations, but to see them as an opportunity to thrive and grow.

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The Confidence Within

So often we look at those who are successful as ‘Happy, Confident People.’ It’s true that our self-confidence can sometimes be the limiting factor in achieving our goals. Having guided people from all walks of life on intrepid journeys across the globe, Oli has learned that we all possess a deep-rooted confidence, even if we feel unsure where to find it.

Oli shares what we can do to unlock our confidence, leaving the audience filled with a newfound sense of positivity and self-belief with which to approach our boldest ambitions.

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Leadership on the Edge

Oli has guided teams through countless high-risk situations across the globe, from the highest mountain in Iraq, to the militia-filled jungles of the Congo, to the backstreets of Aleppo, Syria. The pressures and perils of expedition life mean that quickly developing high-functioning teams is vital.

Oli shares his leadership lessons from these demanding environments, where calm decision-making, intensive planning, open communication and understanding the human factor within our teams is critical. Leaders and teams alike will leave the talk with new methods for building the resilient, caring and high-performing team needed to achieve success.

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Oli’s adventures have taken him through diverse landscapes and challenging situations, including deserts, jungles, mountains, and conflict zones. He’s encountered spies, minefields, arrest, avalanches, earthquakes, illness, and dehydration while leading journeys in remote corners of the world, both solo and with a team.

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For over a decade, Oli’s adventures have taken him through deserts, jungles, mountains, and war-torn regions across 75+ countries. He had faced spies, interrogators, minefields and arrest, along with avalanches, earthquakes, meningitis and severe dehydration, all while attempting to complete challenging journeys in remote corners of the world, alone or while leading a team.

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